Jul 2nd 2020

Welcome to our new/redesigned website!

Thank you so much for visiting!
The last few months has definitely been a learning experience for us here at Aunt Bea's Attic! As we have migrated through this pandemic, we have definitely seen a shift in our customers buying habits and with that we knew it was time to upgrade our website. We cannot thank you enough for the continued support of our business. 

We would love any feedback you can give about the new site, check out process, etc. as we navigate our new functionality and look to always make your experience with us better.

Please feel free to email us at auntbeas@yahoo.com or support@auntbeasattic.com. 

What changes are coming?

Using this blog for one! We do plan on using this platform to showcase products and projects we are doing. We would also love to share some project ideas and examples that have been shared with us as well!